Cable pathway for the ‘last meter’

Wiremold’s Meeting Room Transition Channel manages communications, power and A/V cables from the outlet to the work surface.

Legrand Wiremold's Meeting Room Transition Channel
Legrand Wiremold's Meeting Room Transition Channel

The Meeting Room Transition Channel, MRTC, from Legrand Wiremold is a flexible, integrated pathway that manages cabling and connections for communications, power and audio-video over the “last meter”—from the building infrastructure to the work surface. It can be used with the company’s Under Table Cable Management System to manage and protect cables as well as to enhance aesthetics by keeping cords out of sight, the company explains.

Lori Kelly, RCDD, Legrand product manager, explained, “These new products help transform inefficient meeting rooms into well-connected space that allows the users to focus on their business, not on the technology.”

The MRTC is part of the Wiremold Meeting Room Solutions product line, along with the Under Table Cable Management System as well as the OFR Series Overfloor Raceway System, fire-classified poke-through devices and work surface portals. The MRTC is sold as part of a kit that also includes an adjustable boot, channel, mounting spine and transition covers for smooth cable egress, Legrand Wiremold said. The MRTC adjusts to a variety of table heights, which makes installation quick and easy, the company added.

In explaining its “last meter” reference, Wiremold stated that its Meeting Room Solutions product set has been developed to meet new trends in workplace design that are allocating more open space for meetings. “In many facilities, the biggest challenge is to route cables over the last meter from the infrastructure to the point of use,” the company said, adding that in addition to meeting this challenge, its product set provides “facility managers with easy accessibility for future technology upgrades and/or space reconfigurations.”

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