Corning provides fiber-optic network cabling, connectivity for final Presidential debate

Corning has installed its LANscape Solutions line for the event's fiber-optic network infrastructure.

Corning Cable Systems (NYSE: GLW) is providing the fiber-optic network cabling and connectivity for the final 2012 Presidential debate on October 22 at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. To meet increased demand for network bandwidth, Corning has installed its LANscape Solutions line.

The new fiber-optic network provided will remain after the debate for the university to use. The network includes the company's FREEDM One indoor/outdoor fiber-optic cable, newly designed closet connector housings, as well as the UniCam field-installable no-epoxy/no-polish connectors, and the UniCam connector installation toolkit.

“Corning is honored to be a critical part of this historic event, and we are confident that Lynn University will have the high-performing network it needs for the debate to be an enormous success,” said Stuart Hoiness, senior vice president, Enterprise Networks, Corning Cable Systems. “The future-proof reliability and bandwidth potential of this infrastructure should serve the campus well for many years to come.”

“Corning has stepped up to the plate and has brought forward a fantastic and cutting-edge solution for our debate infrastructure,” adds Chris Boniforti, Lynn University chief information officer. “This will permit us to run network equipment at 10GB speed and allow us to take advantage of high-speed networking equipment. We are really excited that this same key infrastructure will get re-used by our students after the debate. This is a wonderful partnership, and we are excited about our future with Corning.”

The presidential debate will be aired on more than 10 major networks and covered by hundreds of media members, requiring a high-volume of bandwidth with proven connectivity. The final debate in the 2008 presidential election was watched by 56.5 million viewers, with a similar size audience expected to watch this year’s final debate. Tonight, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, will discuss foreign policy issues for 90 minutes with CBS’ Bob Schieffer serving as moderator.

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