Cabling-system design software

ExpertSoft's CableProject CAD is available in the United States through Network Connections Group USA.

CableProject CAD, a computer-aided design tool created specifically to assist in the design and layout of structured cabling systems, is available in the United States through Network Connections Group USA. The package was created by ExpertSoft, which was established in 2001 and says its software products have assisted more than 8,000 construction and architectural companies in Eastern Europe in that time.

“As a result of research conducted by known system integrators and network engineers and designers, a new design automation technology for structured cabling systems was finally developed,” ExpertSoft said when describing CableProject CAD. The software package “enables automation of all network cabling design within an integral system,” the company added. “It contains an extended and updated component library, which includes a general classification listing and design characteristics for all products.” The company adds that this system “permits visual development of projects rapidly and generates report documentation automatically.”

The company offers a free 14-day trial use of the system, and is actively seeking cooperation with manufacturers (to incorporate their product information into the system’s database) as well as with distribution/reseller partners.

You can find more information about ExpertSoft and CableProject CAD here.

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