Cat 5 extends DVI up to 100 feet

The UTP-DVI extender from L-com includes two DVI female connectors and two Category 5e jacks.

November 25, 2009L-com Global Connectivity now offers an unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) digital visual interface (DVI) extender. The extender kit includes two DVI female connectors to Category 5e jacks, to be installed at each end of a Category 5 UTP cable run.

“Today’s digital signage market requires flexibility in extension solutions,” says Peter McNeil, L-com product manager. “We’re proud to stand out as a manufacturer that knows those needs and helps to support them.”

L-com offers other DVI extension and conversion products as well, including splitters, DVI-to-VGA (video graphics array) converters, boosters, and equalizers.

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