PPC unveils MoCA, HDMI connectivity products

Oct. 29, 2009
At the 2009 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, connector and filter technology provider PPC introduced its MoCA Tight weather-sealed and MoCA ground block filters, along with its EXPlus continuity connector and a locking HDMI cable.

October 29, 2009 -- At the 2009 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Denver, connector and filter technology provider PPC introduced its MoCA Tight weather-sealed and MoCA ground block filters, along with its EXPlus continuity connector and a locking HDMI cable.

MoCA is a universal standard that specifies coax for delivery of high-definition content throughout homes. With MoCA, subscribers can download high-definition programming to set-top boxes, and through a user interface already available in a remote control, send that content to any room in the house. For the best multi-room DVR experience, physically isolating the home through the use of a low-pass filter is necessary to avoid interference from neighboring houses.

PPC’s MoCA Tight filter includes an integrated weather seal and stainless steel construction, ensuring long-term stability and protection against moisture and corrosion. The company’s MoCA ground block combines a ground block and MoCA filter into a single device. Together, these filters reduce the amount of connection points and guard against tampering. The company says the patent-pending products will provide subscribers with security and an optimal multi-room DVR experience as in-home networking services continue to grow.

“Consumers have high expectations for their multi-room DVR experience. We are excited to introduce our MoCA line of filters, which enable service providers to meet these expectations, while simplifying installations through fewer connection points to save them time and operational costs,” comments Dave Morrocco, vice president and general manager of broadband for PPC.

Also introduced at SCTE was the company’s patented EXPlus continuity connector, designed to reduce network degradation and service calls resulting from less-than-finger-tight connections. Based on PPC’s existing EX Series of connectors, the EXPlus design prevents RFI ingress and maintains constant signal continuity, even when the nut is loose. Because a single loose connector can affect the entire return path performance, the EXPlus lowers the threshold of the entire node, increasing the threshold of CPE devices and thereby reducing service calls.

Also new from PPC, the locking HDMI cable features a built-in mechanism that automatically locks the cable in place to eliminate loosening and falling out. According to the company, to resolve the issue of loose HDMI cables, the locking HDMI cable grips the port with 10x the strength of conventional connectors, enabling average port retention of 25 pounds. A release tab prevents port damage when removing the cable.

“For cable operators, this innovative device has been designed to reduce service calls and the associated operational costs,” notes Morrocc. “And for end users, it means an optimal HD experience free from the inconvenience of system down time.”

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