ITT intros Ethernet-MVB connector

February 11, 2009 -- The Multifunction Vehicle Bus protocol is used in harsh transporation environments, particularly railway systems.

February 11, 2009 -- ITT Interconnect Solutions developed this connector, which combines Ethernet and Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) cable lines in a single interconnect package. The FRCIR connector incorporates M12 contacts into ITT's CIR Series connector hardware. Four conductor wires and a braid of shielded cables are integrated into the M12 contacts, and multiple M12 contacts and cables are then regrouped within the connector via a plastic insert and connector accessories.

"The FRCIR connector provides customers with a highly cost-effective solution for shielding against interference and a variety of contaminants in harsh environments," says Keith Teichmann, director of marketing for ITT Interconnect Solutions. "Originally developed to provide system connections for data transmission in railway applications, the FRCIR connector is also ideal for other transportation applications as well as data bus networks."

The size 32, RoHS-compliant FRCIR connectors feature aluminum alloy shells with black epoxy urethane varnish. The M12 contacts are copper alloy, and the plastic inserts are UL94-VO approved and meet NF F 16-101/16-102 standards. The cables are qualified at frequencies of 1, 10, and 100 MHz, with Ethernet lines to 100 ohms and MVB lines to 120 ohms. Operating temperatures range from -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius, and the connector meets IP67 standards in a mating condition with the appropriate accessories.

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