ShowMeCables adds HD BNC video cables

The online retailer has introduced premium-grade BNC-type HD video cables aimed at video production professionals.

St. Louis, MO -- ShowMeCables, an online wholesaler of voice, audio, and data connectivity products, announced that premium-quality HD-SDI BNC-type video cables are now available for purchase from the company’s Web site.

Featuring one male BNC connector at either end and comprising digital-specification RG6 cabling, HD-SDI video cables, thanks to their high build quality and superior craftsmanship, are aimed at video production professionals and other high-end users.

Each HD-SDI cable is also 18 AWG- and 75 Ohm-spec and is formed from 100 percent foil shield with a TAC braid greater than 93 percent. ShowMeCables carries varying lengths of HD-SDI cabling, ranging from six inches to 200 feet.

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