Belden's Brilliance fiber connector boasts five-second termination

Jan. 15, 2010
Requiring no tools, the connector can be reterminated up to five times.

The Brilliance connector, newly introduced as part of Belden’s FiberExpress Connectivity Networking Solutions line, is a tool-less connector that can be terminated in approximately five seconds. “The connector’s patent-pending design not only eliminates the need for special tools, it also simplifies the installation steps typically associated with fiber terminations,” said Richard Perron, product line manager for FiberExpress solutions.

In an interview with Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Perron stated, “We have the easiest, simplest, fastest connector in the industry. How did we achieve that? By integrating within the connector a sliding switch that crimps both the fiber and the buffer. So with just an index finger, you can terminate fiber.”

He said Brilliance is truly a tool-less connector, unlike other fiber connectors that describe themselves as tool-less but “require some type of accessory or gadget to terminate.”

“In addition, the contractor is able to reterminate the connector up to five times to improve fiber termination yields and lower materials and installation costs,” he added. The connector’s tool-less design also provides benefits here, he explained, because other connectors that can be reterminated also require tools to do so, thereby lengthening the handling process.

He also said users can verify proper connectorization on-site using an external laser light source, usually a visual fault locator. The light source can be seen clearly through the connector’s window, offering immediate termination assurance, he said. The Brilliance connector’s window is made of a plastic that reflects light so it appears brighter and is easier to identify.

The fiber preparation required for Brilliance termination is the same as with any other fiber connector, Perron explained. Belden is making a precision cleaver available with the Brilliance connector; the cleaver is not a Belden product but the company says a more-precise cleave, such as that attainable through this precision cleaver, will yield better performance.

Initially the connector is available as an LC interface. Throughout 2010 Belden will bring ST-compatible, SC, and APC versions to market. “The LC represents about 60 percent of our connector business,” Perron said, “In data centers it’s about 95 percent of our business,” he added.

The Brilliance connector will co-exist with Belden’s OptiMax brand connector for some time, but eventually the company will phase out the OptiMax. Brilliance is priced competitively with OptiMax as part of Belden’s effort to get a quick transition to this new connector.

Perron said that from a handling and termination standpoint, installers will have a smooth transition from OptiMax to Brilliance. “There’s no need to buy a new kit for this new connector,” he said. “All the equipment needed fits into one bag or kit.

The company is offering sample kits of the connector at

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