OneReach system extends Power over Ethernet distances

Sept. 16, 2010
New solution from Berk-Tek can extend Power over Ethernet distances up to 3,850 feet.

The OneReach system, now available from Berk-Tek's major distribution channels, is an integrated power and data cable solution for extended distances of Power over Ethernet powered devices beyond the conventional 100-meter PoE limit. Berk-Tek says the OneReach system can extend PoE distances up to 3,850 feet.

The system comprises three components: a power injector module, the OneReach cable assembly, and the remote PoE port. The power injector module, located in the telecommunications room (TR), injects both the power and the data from active networking equipment such as fiber switches and a power-supply unit. This module is availble in one- and fourt-port versions, and supports up to 24 devices in a rack-mountable 4U powered patch panel.

The OneReach cable assembly attaches to the power injector module through LC connectors for fiber, and through screw terminals for the copper/power conductors. The assembly consists of a Berk-Tek CL3R-OF-rated composite copper/fiber cable, under one jacket, which includes 12 AWG or 18 AWG stranded conductors coupled with either tight-buffered or loose-tube optical fibers. The cable assembly is built to specific lengths and is pretested and preterminated with M8 connectors for the remote PoE port.

The remote PoE port is a passive media converter that convers the cable assembly to an RJ-45, IEEE 802.3af-compliant output. From the RPP an additional 100 meters of twisted-pair cable can increase the distance out to the device.

"The OneReach system was designed to support single or multiple remote PoE devices, when the powered device needs to be more than 100 meters from the TR," states Mike Connaughton, RCDD, fiber optic products business manager at Berk-Tek. "Additional benefits include a lower cost and better ROI compared to installing power at the device end or pulling separate cables in separate pathways, while also providing network advantages such as remote management capabilities, consolidated UPS, and single-point troubleshooting."

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