Pen-style optical connector cleaner

NTT-AT announced the immediate availability of its pen-style NEOCLEAN-E optical connector cleaner, designed to clean the end-faces of in-adaptor ferrules.

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NTT-AT announced the immediate availability of its NEOCLEAN-E cleaner, a pen style optical connector cleaner designed to clean the end-faces of in-adaptor ferrule.

The company says the optical connector cleaner simplifies the cleaning process, because the tube guides the cleaning tip correctly to the sleeve of the connector and applies sufficient pressure on the ferrule end-face. The tool is available in two sizes, 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm, so it can accommodate multiple fiber-optic connector types. Ideal for users in the field, each cleaning cycle takes less than 3 seconds to clean a ferrule end-face, claims the company.

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The cleaner uses a replaceable cartridge which contains the cleaning section and thread. When the cleaning thread has been completely used, the cartridge is disposed of and is replaced with a new cartridge. Each replaceable cartridge is good for 750 cleaning cycles. The replaceable cartridges reduce the cleaning costs to less than $0.10 per cleaning cycle, which is lower than the cost of comparable cleaning solutions.

To use, press the cleaning tip against the ferrule contact end-face, ensuring the cleaner and connector ferrule are aligned on the axis. Push until the tube stops rotating. Extract the NEOCLEAN-E, and the fiber connector is cleaned and ready for use. A specially engineered cleaning thread is automatically pulled when the tool is pressed against the ferrule end-face. As the cleaning thread moves across the ferrule end-face, the cleaner's tube simultaneously rotates, gently wiping away a wide variety of contaminants.

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The NEOCLEAN-E can also clean unmated connector ferrules by using an attachment that also serves as a dust cap. The tool's long tube design makes hard-to-reach locations easily accessible.

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