Fiber-to-RS-232 converters include power supplies

Electro Standards Labs says its new products are ideal for international casino and lottery applications.

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The Fiber 232 Models 4137EU and 4139EU from Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) are media converters that include two-pin European power supplies. ESL says the converters connect fiber-optic-linked terminals to a controller having an RS-232 interface port and are particularly useful in international lottery or casino-type network applications.

"While RS-232 is a versatile communication standard, conversion to a fiber-optic communication standard also allows data transmission that is no longer susceptible to electrostatic or electromagnetic fields," ESL explains. "Additionally, the ports of the connected terminals are protected from damage by potential differences, or ground variations, that often exist between them."

These devices convert the RS-232 serial communication interface to HP Versatile Link Plastic Core Cable, providing full galvanic isolation between connected devices - meaning there is no metallic connection. This allows the interface-free fiber-optic transfer of data to be used by the device with an RS-232 interface. The 4137EU and 4139EU feature a 120-kbit/sec data-transfer rate. 4137EU uses an RJ45 connector while 4139EU has a DB9 connector for the RS-232 connection.

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