Use fiber to extend USB without interference

Electro Standards Labs' converter/extender set is suitable for environments and applications that are subject to EMI or RFI.

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A pair of products from Electro Standards Laboratories extends USB connections through a fiber interface, which the company says is suitable for environments and applications that are subject to electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference that can corrupt USB-over-copper communication.

"This fiber-to-USB converter/extender pair is ideal for applications involving PC communications that require high speed, secure communications, with optical isolation," the company says. The Model 4162 Host and Model 4169 4-port Hub converter/extender system provides "true plug and play operability with support for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and support all USB device types: Control, Interrupt, Bulk and Isochornous at up to 480 Mbits/sec," the company continues. It adds that typical applications include industrial control, KVM extension, remote desktop USB connections and remote USB device sharing.

The set is designed to operate from 0 deg. Celsius to 50 deg. Celsius. The units feature electrostatic-discharge-protection circuitry on all copper USB I/O interfaces and their circuitry is also protected from transients.

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