Spring-loaded hinged door available for Z-Max connectors

The door protects mating surfaces against environmental contaminants like dust.

Siemon's line of Z-Max network cabling outlets are now available with an optional spring-loaded hinged door, which protects the outlet's internal components and mating surfaces from exposure to environmental contaminants such as dust. When the outlet is in use, the door stays perpendicular to the outlet face, ensuring it does not interfere with stacked or adjacent outlets in high-density patching or work-area applications.

Watch video of Z-Max Connector termination.

Z-Max outlets are available in Category 6A shielded, Category 6A unshielded, and Category 6 unshielded varieties. The new door-equipped outlets share the same performance headroom and termination features found in the original Z-Max outlet, Siemon explains.

Using the patented Z-Tool, all varieties of Z-Max door-equipped outlets can be terminated in 60 seconds or less from start to finish, including cable preparation, the company adds. Z-Max work-area outlets feature a hybrid flat/angled design that allows either flat or angled mounting orientations. Newly enhanced printed icons can be inserted into the door or outlet face, providing a complete color-coded identification system that remains visible even when a cord is inserted.

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