Optical Cable Corporation launches cabling, connectivity lines for oil and gas market

May 21, 2010
Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) has brought forth a full line of fiber optic cable and connectivity products for the petrochemical, oil and gas industry.

Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) has announced a full line of fiber optic cable and connectivity products for the petrochemical, oil and gas industry.

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Born from more than a quarter century of design targeting high performance in military and harsh environments, OCC says its tight-buffered oil and gas fiber cable and connectivity options ideal for drilling, exploration, production, refining, and pipeline security applications, where temperature extremes, vibration, impact, and chemical exposure are commonplace.

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The new OCC products designed to meet performance demands of the oil & gas industry include:

• Ultra-Fox and Ultra Fox Plus Cables: Ultra-Fox family of cables feature 100 kpsi proof-tested fiber, combined with a primary buffer of UV-cured acrylate material and a secondary elastomeric buffer to 900 micron diameter. Ultra-Fox specifications meet a variety of installation requirements, from increased bend tolerance to super crush and impact resistance.

• Interlocked Armored Cables: Fluoropolymer injected plenum interlocked armor fiber optic cables offer optimal protection from chemical penetration and mechanical damage.

• Core-Locked Cable Jackets: Extruded under high pressure directly over the cable’s core, Core-Locked cable jackets contain 25 percent more material for greater protection and stability. Helical cusped ridge interlock with the subcables, preventing slippage or axial movement during long-run installations.

• A wide variety of simplex and multi-channel fiber optic connectors and termini designed and fabricated for applications in harsh and rugged environments.

• Modular deployable solutions intended to meet the unique requirements of installing fiber optic cable with a variety of seamless integration options for quick and easy utilization.

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“Together, the cabling and connectivity products offer a solution that is economical and easy to install and delivers high performance and reliability in the most demanding environments,” said Pete File, Director of Specialty Sales of OCC.

For more information on the cabling and connectivity solutions, call 800-622-7711 or visit http://www.occfiber.com.

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