Draka adds FTTH connectivity boxes for MDUs

Draka Communications has added five new FTTH connectivity boxes for multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

Draka Communications announced an extension to its indoor solutions portfolio with the addition of five new FTTH connectivity boxes for multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Together with Draka indoor cabling systems the new boxes fulfill requirements for an integrated solution within MDUs. These ergonomically designed Indoor cabling boxes are being showcased by Draka at the FTTH Council Europe Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Our connectivity boxes are the ultimate pieces of the MDU puzzle”, says Albert Grooten, director of technology FTTH, Draka Communications. “Currently around 60 percent of potential customers live in MDUs, which are forecast to be the predominant type of dwelling in the future, and Draka’s connectivity boxes provide straightforward, transparent choices tailored to building type.”

Part of the DrakaXS.Net Indoor Solutions, this range of indoor connectivity boxes comprises a wall-mounted modular wall box to connect the outside plant network with the indoor network; a wall-mounted floor distribution box to splice a vertical riser cable to outgoing customer premises cables; a customer outlet box for termination of the indoor network in the customer premises; a tapping box used for branching fibres on any floor of an MDU to feed the customer outlet box; and Draka’s wall-mounted multi-operator building distribution box which connects the OSP network with the indoor network.

For more information, go to www.draka.com.

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