Fiber connectors compatible with new VFL

Technicians can now use a visual fault locator to test continuity on the SC and LC styles of Leviton's FastCAM connectors.

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Leviton Network Solutions has enhanced its FastCAM prepolished fiber-optic connectors; the SC and LC versions of the FastCAM are now compatible with a visual fault locator (VFL) to test for fiber continuity. Additionally, the connectors now allow termination on 250-micron, 900-micron, 2-mm, and 3-mm fiber cable.

The pocket-sized VFL assists in diagnosing optical-fiber damage by using a bright red laser to locate faults, which include tight bends, breaks, and defective connectors. The tool includes a 2.5-mm ferrule, 1.25-mm adapter, and a carrying case.

Leviton also announced it now offers two new tool kits for FastCAM terminations. One includes the LYNX cleaver, lint-free dry wipes, alcohol pads, a jacket stripper, and a pocket to hold a VFL. The second includes those items plus a work try and gooseneck LED.

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