Wirewerks unveils fiber splice-on connectors in LC and SC formats

New product line yields factory-terminated results in a field-terminated connector, contends the company.

Wirewerks unveils fiber splice-on connectors in LC and SC formats
Wirewerks unveils fiber splice-on connectors in LC and SC formats

Network infrastructure specialist Wirewerks (Montreal, QC) recently announced the launch of its Optical Fiber Splice-On Connector product line. The Wirewerks Fiber Splice-On connectors are compatible with any 2-3mm OD single fiber cable and are available in LC (pictured top) and SC (pictured bottom) connector formats in either APC or UPC ferrule polishing styles. The new fiber splice-on connectors combine the performance and reliability advantages of fusion splicing with the flexibility and on-site termination benefits of field-installable connectors, states the company.

Per a press release, "Each Splice-On Connector is pre-assembled with no housing to install and pre-cleaved so that technicians only prep and splice the incoming fiber. The ultra-flexible boot allows routing even in tight spaces and provides a labeling space for proper fiber identification. The Splice-On Connector utilizes just two components - a connector and a pre-crimped Kevlar rope that is mechanically merged to the cable. The two-component approach is easy to learn and repeat, simplifies installation, maximizes yield, and delivers guaranteed insertion loss and return loss performance equivalent to factory-terminated connectors. Additionally, Wirewerks Splice-On Connectors are compatible with any fusion splicer and eliminate the need for expensive crimping tools, splicer jigs, index matching gels, and splice trays/enclosures; providing cost effective, reliable, low-loss solutions for fusion-spliced field fiber termination."

Edouard Tabet, Wirewerks’ head of engineering, commented, “The ease-of-use and high yield, high-performance results of our innovative new fusion splice-on connector will be beneficial in a broad variety of optical network applications, including LANs/SANs/WANs, data centers, carrier telecomm networks, CATV networks, cell tower base stations, FTTx networks, and test and measurement systems.”

For more information or to locate an authorized distributor, call the Wirewerks Customer Support Center at 1-888-993-4237 or visit www.wirewerks.com.

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