Panduit introduces Category 6A field-terminable UTP plug

Aug. 3, 2017
The TX6A Field Term Plug supports Category 5e through Category 6A and can be used in plenum spaces to support applications including wireless access points, cameras, and LED lighting.

Panduit recently introduced the TX6A Field Term Plug, which is “designed for quick and easy termination in the field,” and “simple to attach,” the company said. “Its unique design enables quick and easy termination to cabling while at the same time being compact enough to fit in similar spaces as traditional modular plugs,” Panduit added.

The company explained the usefulness and practicality of this field-terminated plug. “Today’s enterprise cabling networks extend not only to modular jacks in wall or furniture outlets, but increasingly to ceiling- and wall-mounted devices that attach directly to networks by a plug interface, often terminated to cabling on-site.

“The TX6A Field Term Plug is ideal for connecting networked devices such as wireless access points, LED lighting, IP cameras and motion sensors, building access modules and display panels,” Panduit added.

Dennis Renaud, vice president of Panduit's enterprise business, commented, "As IP applications continue to climb sharply, Panduit has seen the demand for a field-terminable plug soar as well. We wanted to bring an offering to the market that would offer benefits that go beyond performance and we have succeeded. Installers will find this plug to be simple to install, cost-effective, and convenient for connecting networked devices."

The plug supports Category 6A, 6, and 5e performance levels and is available in unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) construction. The TX6A Field Term Plug is rated for plenum environments, as Panduit explains, “because many of the attached devices are network powered by PoE. The TX6A Field Term Plug is designed to operate in the elevated temperatures of plenum and air handling environments.”

The TX6A uses the same forward motion termination technology, and provides the same electrical performance, as Panduit's Mini-Com TG jacks. Its ability to re-terminate in the field with no additional parts provides convenience and cost savings for installers, the company added.

The plug is terminated using the EGJT-1, a new version of Panduit’s EGJT that terminates all the TG Style modular jacks that the previous tool does, and adds the capability to properly terminate the TX6A Field Term Plug. EGJT-1 is the replacement for EGJT.

Mike McGrath, director of enterprise product management and engineering for Panduit, said, "Installers who are familiar with our TG-style jacks will appreciate the simplicity of the field-term plug. Since the plug uses the same familiar termination style, there is no learning curve. They will be able to pick this up and run with it like they have been using it for years."

Immediately below is a 1-minute YouTube video demonstrating the TX6A Field Term Plug, including its termination process.

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