Preloaded patch panels allow one-handed termination

July 12, 2017
With Belden’s REVConnect Patch Panel, technicians can use a multipair tool and terminate with one hand.

Belden recently introduced the REVConnect Preloaded Patch Panel, which the company said supports faster deployment in enterprise networks. “Designed based on specific feedback from installers and end-users about what they need most in a preloaded patch panel, REVConnect Preloaded Patch Panels meet their most-important requirements and offer several other time-saving features as well,” the company said when announcing the product set.

These are the only preloaded patch panels that allow installers to use a multipair tool and terminate with one hand, Belden stated. The panels use the same termination method as Belden’s REVConnect jacks. “REVConnect Preloaded Patch Panels save time and make training and installation easy,” the company claimed. “The patch panels can be terminated from the rear or front; one termination method can be used for patch panels and workstations to simplify logistics and the number of tools needed. The panels also can be identified using labels or icons.”

The panels’ cable-measuring features allow installers to use the space over every port to organize cables, dress them to cable-management accessories, measure the slack needed for front or rear termination, mark the cables, and start terminating.

“Everything the installer needs is included in the box: Fully assembled housings, cable support bars, and labeling material,” noted Benoit Chevarie, global product manager for connectivity at Belden. “REVConnect Preloaded Patch Panels feature single-port modularity to simplify network maintenance, ensure easier repair and guarantee port availability,” he continued. “This, combined with front accessibility, makes their service and maintenance simple and straightforward.”

You can watch a video of Chevarie demonstrating the REVConnect Preloaded Patch Panels here.

The panels can be ordered using a single part number, which Belden said “simplifies the ordering process, making it easier and faster.” REVConnect Preloaded Patch Panels are available in flat and angled designs, black and white versions in Category 6A, Category 6, and Category 5e options, with 24 or 48 ports.

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