Watch a demo of PoE-enabled ceiling fans

NuLEDs walks us through a space that contains PoE-enabled lighting, ceiling fans, window and skylight actuators, and exit lights.

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A one-minute video recently posted to YouTube takes the viewer through a Power over Ethernet-enabled building under construction, with a particular emphasis on PoE-powered ceiling fans. Posted by NuLEDs, the video was recorded and narrated by Lisa at a project site.

All the ceiling fans are powered and controlled by the NuLEDs SPICEbox, which the company explains is a PoE control module that delivers power and management capabilities to LED fixtures. “Each SPICEbox is a network device with a unique MAC address and IP address,” NuLEDs says on its website. “SPICEboxes have multi-channel control for separate lighting loads, including color mixing. A SPICEbox can serve as a sensor host for wall switches, PIR [passive infrared] sensors, ambient light sensors, or other sensors.” In addition to the LED lights and ceiling fans, Lisa explains, PoE enables the building’s window actuators, skylight actuators, and exit lights.

SPICEbox communicates with the ceiling fans’ control modules, directing the speed (in rotations per minute) at which the fans should operate. The narrator points out that all the fans are spinning in unison.

The settings dictate that in the evening the building’s fans power on and skylights open to facilitate an air flush, bringing fresh air into the building, the narrator says. The ability to program on-and-off times for the fans contributes to savings on heating and air-conditioning costs, she adds.

You can watch the full video below.

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