Is 100W 4PPoE just a subtle blowtorch for RJ45 panels?: This week's top stories

Feb. 17, 2017
Also: Observe this Cisco rack decommissioning and re-cabling; When communications cabling becomes a whole-building fuse; Verizon installs under concrete to bolster Super Bowl DAS.

Here are the cabling, wireless, and data center infrastructure industry's top trending news stories from the past week, as compiled by Cabling Installation & Maintenance and

1.) What effect will 100W 4-pair PoE have on RJ45 connectivity?

As put forth by a recent technology white paper from Panduit: "The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) document, TSB-184, Guidelines for Supporting Power Delivery Over Balanced Twisted-Pair Cabling provides guidance for installing cables that run PoE with currents up to 600 mA on two pairs. This TSB document will soon be upgraded to TSB-184-A to provide guidance specific to PoE++ which is up to 960 mA on four pairs. These documents recommend that a bundle of cables should not exceed a 15 deg. C temperature rise within the center of the bundle. This temperature rise depends on the size of the bundle; the current running through the wire pairs and number of energized pairs; and cable wire gauge and construction. However, little work has been performed to illustrate the effect of this new standard on the connectivity. Heat rise and cable arcing could have harmful effects on cabling system performance when those cables are carrying 100W PoE."
2.) Observe the decommissioning and re-cabling of this Cisco data closet The network cabling installer and Youtube Capture wizard going by the handle stunod7 has been busy again.

3.) Watch what happens when a counterfeit cable undergoes a burn test

The Communications Cable and Connectivity Association (CCCA) recently produced a video that includes footage of counterfeit cable being subjected to a burn test, with drastic results.

4.) Verizon installs under concrete to bolster DAS at Houston's NRG Stadium for Super Bowl LI

The nation's largest carrier has found that, "under concrete equals easier install and maintenance," writes the Mobile Sports Report (MSR).

5.) Instor's free data center project estimator eases facility whitespace planning The free Data Center Fit Up Estimator tool from Instor Solutions allows data center owners, operators and colocation sales teams to quickly estimate anticipated expenses in the initial stages of a new project or whitespace build-out, to forecast total cost.
Cabling fails: Mega- vs. Mini-

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