Belden introduces REVConnect preterminated assemblies

June 29, 2018
The bundled cable assemblies are terminated to the REVConnect universal core.

Belden recently introduced the REVConnect Preterm Assemblies, which feature bundled cables terminated with the REVConnect universal core. “This innovation allows for the smallest preterm bundle footprint, making it easier to pull and install either in a data center or zone cabling application,” Belden said. “The REVConnect core provides installers with the flexibility to connect to either a jack or a plug—and lets users swap a plug for a jack down the road, or vice versa,” the company added. “When cable lengths can’t be defined, core-to-open pigtails can be used.”

Belden also introduced the REVConnect Core Protective Cap (pictured below) “to improve installation flexibility and support a new time-saving installation method,” the company said. The protective cap “allows installers to complete the REVConnect core termination and then use the cap to protect the terminated core until a jack or plug is installed at a later time,” Belden explained. “Installers and end users no longer need to worry about contaminants impacting the performance of the preterminated run during ongoing construction or installation.

“These two extensions represent continued innovation and support for the design flexibility needed to support IP-based devices and keep the contractor in mind with easy-to-use time-saving installations,” Belden concluded.