Universal-mount multipurpose fiber patch panel

July 12, 2018
Clearfield says its FieldSmart FxMP streamlines fiber deployments by leveraging one panel design for any rack size.

Clearfield’s FieldSmart Fiber Crossover MultiPurpose (FxMP) Patch Panel is now available. The company describes the panel as high-density and low-maintenance, for routing and deploying fiber jumpers. It says that with this introduction it “becomes the only equipment manufacturer in the industry to deliver against operator requests for a common panel that can be deployed in every fiber deployment scenario.”

The FieldSmart FxMP offers the following features.

  • Interconnect or crossconnect for up to 288 ports of fiber
  • Fully compliant for inside plant or outside plant environments
  • Universally deployable for a wide range of options including 19- or 23-inch frames, data racks or cabinets, or in OSP cabinets

Matt Updenkelder, director of construction for CoastCom by Wave, observed, “Clearfield’s proven cassette and new panel option will save us time and money during team training and deployment, as well as in the maintenance process. We are aggressively expanding our fiber services and turning up customers throughout the Pacific Northwest area. As we are increasingly deploying in a wider variety of applications and locations, the universal design of the FieldSmart FxMP will make our procurement, inventory management and construction programs highly efficient.”

The FieldSmart FxMP is designed to streamline, simplify and reduce the operational costs of deploying fiber. Clearfield says the panel “delivers a universal deployment option, making it easier to order, train field staff and support the rapidly growing market for fiber services. The universal panel enables fiber deployments of 1RU (24 ports) up to 11 inches (288 ports). Like all other FieldSmart products, the FxMP Panel uses the Clearview Cassette as its 12-port building block.”

Kevin Morgan, Clearfield’s chief marketing officer, said the FxMP Patch Panel “is a game-changer for the fiber-to-the-home, business, data center, and central office markets with its ability to transform what has been a labor, training and installation-intensive process to something simple, intuitive and straightforward. Operators have been seeking help to rationalize the equipment used to deliver fiber services and Clearfield is the first to deliver.”

The panel is RUS listed and designed to comply with Telcordia GR-63, GR-1089, GR-449, GR-20, and GR-409.

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