Molex, Deco collaborate on PoE lighting

May 3, 2018
Deco Lighting’s PoE-Ready Vector 2 LED light fixtures are now part of Molex’s IoT/PoE lighting offering.

Molex recently expanded its design portfolio of PoE-ready products by adding Deco Lighting’s PoE-Ready Vector 2 LED light fixtures. “The Vector 2 line enables us to confidently go to market with new options for lighting designers and architects who want to take full advantage of our innovative Molex IoT connected building backbone,” said Mike Picini, vice president of network connected solutions for Molex. “This collaboration further extends our commitment to continued innovation for our customers.”

The Deco Vector 2 LED fixtures feature a 2.44x5-inch profile, assorted combinable lengths, direct/indirect light, color-tuning, and three different mounting styles.

Ben Pouladian, Deco Lighting’s president and co-founder, commented, “We believe that the next generation of luminaire selection begins with the CIO or CTO of every organization because lighting is no longer a binary product that simply produces light; it’s now woven into the fabric of building intelligence, through interconnected systems such as Deco PoE powered by Molex.”

Molex said that the combination of its IoT/PoE solutions and Deco’s architecturally oriented fixtures will help accelerate adoption and broaden the market for IoT/PoE lighting. Deco is a member of Molex’s alliance of lighting experts working together to expand the range of options for network-connected lighting in commercial buildings.

“Network-connected lighting from Molex is only one part of the Molex sensor solutions suite that enables architects, designers and building managers to maximize building control and efficiency by using Molex’s network connected solution,” Molex said. “This network backbone is a cost-effective, IoT- and future-ready platform that also manages building feedback for presentation to an integrated building management system. The backbone fully integrates current use cases such as lighting control and is ready for IoT developments into the future.”

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