Bigleaf Networks Releases Proprietary Wireless Solution

April 5, 2024
Bigleaf Networks’ latest solution, Bigleaf Wireless Connect, is a monthly subscription that comes with a bevy of features.

Bigleaf Networks announced its Bigleaf Wireless Connect. The product delivers a wireless WAN router with a 4G SIM card and a high-bandwidth data package. This package is all consolidated into a monthly bill without overage fees. The solution is best suited for businesses needing immediate connectivity, business continuity, and a seamless backup solution that is both “redundant and resilient”.

Jamie Stapleton, CEO of CBSi, comments on the service saying, “With only one high-speed internet provider in our entire county, Bigleaf Wireless Connect will unlock a whole new market of clients in need of backup internet.” He also stated, “Bigleaf Wireless Connect was super easy to install, and it prevented outages exactly as I expected it to. Any business who needs reliable backup internet will benefit from it.”

Unlike typical backup solutions, Bigleaf Wireless Connect is made to seamlessly integrate with Bigleaf’s router and service, giving businesses more than just a failover solution. “Paired together, they enable the most accessible and efficient method to enhance the resilience and redundancy of business locations, ensuring that cloud applications function optimally without delays or interruptions.”

“Bigleaf Wireless Connect is a novel solution for businesses requiring dependable, immediate connectivity and seamless backup failover across multiple locations,” said David Idle, Bigleaf’s Chief Product Officer. “We've designed this solution to be incredibly user-friendly, eliminating complex setups, manual configurations, and multi-vendor management. It's about empowering organizations with the tools they need for business continuity, without the hassle.”

By integrating Bigleaf Wireless Connect with a Bigleaf service and a primary connection the process of securing enhanced network reliability is streamlined and customers have uninterrupted access. By pre-sourcing the mobile router and cellular plans, the company simplifies this integration and allows customers to easily add these components to current or future Bigleaf orders.

On top of the quick and simple setup, some additional features of the solution include flexible data packages, a backup SIM card, Bigleaf router and LTE router setup, and 24/7 one-stop support.


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