Nokia Works With Global Fiber Peru to Deploy Fiber Network in an Unexpected Region

May 30, 2024
Through numerous collaborations, the first deployment of a new subaquatic broadband network was brought to people in the Amazon rainforest.

Nokia, in a partnership with Global Fiber Peru, a subsidiary of Satelital Group, is reducing the digital divide through the deployment of a new subaquatic and future-proof Optical, IP, and fiber broadband network in the Amazon rainforest. In today’s digital world, this network proves critical as it connects 400 communities to multi-gigabit broadband access.

Located within the Amazon River, the network interconnects 500,000 people spanning 400 communities located in an area of the Amazon rainforest known as the three-border region, where Colombia, Brazil, and Peru share borders.

Nokia’s subaquatic optical backbone connects the localities of Iquitos and Santa Rosa de Yaraví (Peru), Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil), paving the way for Global Fiber Peru to offer the first FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) broadband access service to the region and multi-gigabit services for enterprise users. This three-border region has a diverse economy from tourism and border trade, to oil production, agriculture, and much more.

Nokia has deployed a complete solution that includes its 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS), 7750 service routers, 7250 interconnect routers, 7210 services access systems (SAS), network service platform (NSP), FX 8 and FX 16 optical line terminals (OLT), fiber optical network terminals (ONTs) and Nokia Beacon 1 devices. These all help ensure a prime Wi-Fi experience within the users’ premises. Nokia deployed the devices while collaborating with FYCO, a local partner specializing in Latin America fiber telecom networks.

On top of this, Nokia and FYCO will also provide training, professional services, and maintenance services. The deal will also include upgrading customers’ existing fiber networks in the specific regions of Lima, Cusco, and Huancayo.

Obed Dionisio, CEO at Global Fiber, said:   "We're excited and proud to be the first company to have successfully deployed an optical fiber network in the depths of the Amazon River, connecting three countries. This achievement bridges a significant digital gap in remote areas previously inaccessible by traditional means. Through our partnership with Nokia, a leading telecommunications company, we've enabled these isolated communities to access high-speed internet, bringing them on par with urban areas in terms of connectivity."

Edwar Juárez, Co-CEO at FYCO, said: "We have made a bold and strategic decision to invest in and support SATELITAL Group in this major initiative, utilizing Nokia's technology and innovation to bring connectivity to a region where the dense jungle has long isolated numerous communities. We are proud to contribute to the development and quality of life of the people living there. We will continue to invest in high-impact projects across Latin America, guiding us towards a more inclusive and sustainable future."

Osvaldo Di Campli, SVP & Head of Network Infrastructure Americas at Nokia, said: "This project is important as it provides fiber connections for the first time to hundreds of communities in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Broadband connectivity helps communities and local businesses grow and prosper. We are very happy to be part of this project and appreciate Global Fiber Peru's trust in Nokia and FYCO, and we look forward to future projects together."

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