ShowMeCables’ New Bulgin Connectivity Devices Withstand Harsh Environments

June 6, 2024
ShowMeCables has added Bulgin connectivity devices that can handle harsh environments to its inventory.

ShowMeCables recently added various connectivity devices, made by Bulgin, to withstand harsh environments. The additions include battery holders, fuse holders, circular power and data connectors, push-button switches, and power entry modules.

Many of ShowMeCable’s Bulgin products are made to work in adverse environments and include protection ratings of IP69K, IP68, and IP66. The products are best suited for industrial, commercial, marine/wastewater, transportation, medical, and other applications.

“With this broad new range of connectivity products, our customers are enjoying two big benefits,” said Product Line Manager Dan Rebeck. “They get Bulgin’s renowned designs, built to withstand harsh environments, and they get ShowMeCables’ unparalleled fast delivery and exceptional customer service.”

The Bulgin battery holders are removeable/latching drawer-style and can be selected to work with A, AAA, C, D, or nine-volt (PP3) batteries. The holders can be wired in a series or in pairs. Mounting versions cover PCB, panel, or base and have multi-up options for holding multiple batteries at once.

The snap-fit-mount fuse holders deal with fuse sizes 5 x 20 mm and 6.3 x 32 mm. The fuses are protected with panel-sealed ratings of IP66 or IP68. The fuse holders have a captive drawer, protection against electric shock, and bayonet screwdriver release.

The panel-mount push-button switches control AC power flow in panel-mount applications. These switches are panel-sealed to IP66 specifications. The single-contact push design comes with TVS protection. They feature bright daylight LEDs that come in several color options and LED ring illumination.

The flange-mount power entry modules (PEMs) are C14 style AC outlets with a selection of 6.3 mm quick-connect or 2.8 mm solder terminal connections. Both have an integral 5 x 20 mm fuse holder and a spare fuse holder for immediate replacement when required.

The Bulgin circular power connectors are made in mating plug-and-socket pairs, with selections for 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12 or 25 contact configurations. The connectors have either an IP68 or a food-processing-grade IP69K rating with waterproof wiring. They can withstand up to 12 amps and 277 volts.

The circular data connectors are inline or chassis-mount and with options being either Ethernet or USB. These connectors have either an IP68 or IP69K rating with waterproof wiring. Additional features include a damage-resistant alignment feature and EMI protection for noise immunity.


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