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General Cable's GenSpeed 10 MTP Category 6A 10-Gig Type CMR (riser-rated) cable is now available in a halogen-free construction.

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From the May, 2013 Issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine

:: Halogen-free 10G riser-rated cable

General Cable's GenSpeed 10 MTP Category 6A 10-Gig Type CMR (riser-rated) cable is now available in a halogen-free construction. It uses trademarked Mosaic Crossblock technology to shield against noise coming from external cable sources—alien crosstalk—without the need for grounding. The Mosaic Crossblock technology was designed with metallic blocks separated by an insulation layer that does not require grounding.

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The GenSpeed 10 MTP 10-Gig Type CMR cable with 17 Free construction offers an alternative solution to traditional shielded cables, General Cable says, with the added benefit of substantiated "green" properties by virtue of its halogen-free construction. The cable does not contain any chlorine, fluorine, bromine or iodine, thereby reducing its overall toxicity and resulting in a more environmentally friendly green product. The cable is ETL-listed, UL-verified and meets ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 specifications.

General Cable

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The Category 6A PowerCat copper cable is part of Molex Premise Networks' Advanced Physical Layer Lifecycle Management solution set, which also includes patch panels, patch cords and jacks. An unloaded patch panel, DataGate, is also part of the system. It is designed for flexible patching solutions, multimedia applications and small to medium-size installations.

In addition to field-termination cables, the product line also includes the ModLink preterminated copper system for high-density environments such as data centers, storage area networks and server rooms.

Molex Premise Networks

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Belden's 10GX62F and 10GX63F shielded cable delivers performance that exceeds the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A specifications, the company says. When used as the horizontal cable within Belden's IBDN 10GX shielded system, it provides 625 MHz of proven channel bandwidth and a data rate of 10 Gbits/sec. With a thick, 100-percent-coverage foil shield, the cable protects 10-Gbit/sec data from harsh electromagnetic environments, according to Belden.

"Adding a shield to a high-performance Category 6A cable is not as easy as one would think," the company notes. "Any metallic shield changes the electrical performance of the cable, and if the shield is not smooth, that performance becomes unpredictable. Our design uses an inner and outer jacket to sandwich the foil into having a smooth surface. This eliminates adverse power-sum near-end crosstalk and return-loss effects seen with most other 10G cables."


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