Cable ties

June 1, 2017
Velcro has now designed a new line of One-Wrap ties specifically for fiber-optic cabling. 

Untangling fiber-optic cabling chaos

Velcro has now designed a new line of One-Wrap ties specifically for fiber-optic cabling. Four new colors (aqua, yellow, orange and Erika violet) correspond to the four main cable jacket colors of fiber-optic cables.

As an adjustable and turnkey alternative to the plastic zip ties traditionally used in the data center and other fiber-optic networks, the One-Wrap ties are precut with a slotted head design that ensures the strap stays tightly secured. They’re also water-and chemical-resistant, eco-friendly, and made without potentially toxic chemicals often found in plastic, Velcro states. Prior to cable installation, the One-Wrap rolls and ties can assist in organization when transporting patch cords to job sites. Once organized appropriately using One-Wrap ties or rolls, cables can be labeled and arranged accordingly. If cords need to be reorganized and/or repurposed, the ties are easy to unfasten and reuse.

The company notes that, “beyond the aesthetic appeal of coordinating colors, utilizing the new One-Wrap ties can help to manage other fiber-optic fiascos.” The potentially harmful scenarios averted include avoiding injury by keeping cables bundled and affixed to server racks or hangers, thereby avoiding trip-and-falls; eliminating cable damage because One-Wrap ties do not crush from overtightening, nor do they require scissors or other cutting tools; saving money because organized cords will not block airflow; and fixing outages faster thanks to the ability to see the entirety of a cable without untangling it from others.


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