Fiber termination tools

March 26, 2018
Collection of products for the cable markets.

Fusion installer kits ensure comfort, repeatability and performance

Belden says its FiberExpress (FX) fusion installation kits and active cladding alignment splicers deliver fast, affordable, high-quality performance for consistent and reliable terminations. Featuring active cladding alignment, fiber ends are automatically adjusted in multiple directions. As a result, splicer errors from dust and other contaminants are eliminated to ensure uniform, repeatable and dependable terminations. The lightweight splicer device features a large, user-friendly display that’s easy to read in any environment. To reduce downtime and delays, 200 splice cycles are possible between each battery charge. To expand installation options, single fiber splice-on connectors and pigtail splicing are both supported.

Belden Inc., www.

Fiber termination tool also calculates insertion loss

Panduit has revolutionized field-installable fiber terminations with its OptiCam 2 fiber termination tool. The tool goes beyond a pass-fail reading to provide an immediate calculated insertion loss for “right-the-first-time” terminations. The company contends OptiCam is the only fiber termination tool on the market to terminate and provide a calculated insertion loss value. An on-tool display walks users through a simple three-step termination process, then provides an immediate insertion loss value, along with a pass-fail readout, so installers know they have achieved a successful termination the first time. The tool’s companion smartphone app mirrors the display screen and collects a robust set of data points that can be used for project and business management. When exported to a spreadsheet file, the rich data gives visibility into productivity, timing, and efficiency, for better project management. Panduit asserts, “The tool improves productivity, reduces call-backs and simplifies record-keeping—an all-around win for anyone installing fiber in the field.”

Panduit, www.

Leading edge toolkit

Corning Optical Communications’ UniCam High-Performance Toolkit 2 can be used to install LC, SC, ST connectors and all fiber types. “This capability greatly simplifies fiber termination operations for contractors and allows them to purchase, train and maintain one kit for all fiber terminations,” the company explains. The tool does not need to be modified in any way when the installer changes from one connector type to another, or from one fiber type to another. Using onboard sensors, the tool automatically knows what connector and fiber type is being installed when the connector is loaded into the tool. This allows the tool to adjust internal parameters and videos to ensure that the installer completes all necessary steps to ensure a passing connector. The toolkit’s “level of intuitiveness and ease of use is so high that the installation tool does virtually everything but install the connector for you,” Corning adds.

Corning Optical Communications,

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