Adjustable fiber-optic connector accommodates LC and mini LC

The Universal LC from Total Cable Solutions includes a single 2-mm jacket containing two fibers.

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The Universal LC, a new version of the Uniboot fiber patch cable from Total Cable Solutions, incorporates an adjustable connector that works with both LC and mini LC ports. The connector also has the ability to reverse polarity.

The Universal LC features a single 2-mm jacket that contains two simplex fibers, while terminating to a duplex LC, mini LC or SC connector. According to Total Cable Solutions, because typical fiber cables use zipcord jackets measuring 6 mm, the Universal LC's 2-mm design makes it possible to gain significant space savings. The Universal LC contains bend-insensitive fiber and includes a rapid-release latch, which is designed to allow technicians to use a push/pull method to remove the connector from a panel.

"This is the first time we've seen a cable with universal connectivity," said Michele Lam, account manager at data center infrastructure systems provider Instor Solutions. "It saves space ... futureproofs our customers' cable investments."

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