Patch panel mounts overhead

Nov. 7, 2011
CABLExpress's Ladder Rack Enclosure holds up to 192 duplex LCs, 96 copper ports, or a combination of both.

The Ladder Rack Enclosure from CABLExpress mounts directly to overhead conveyance, saving users space without sacrificing performance, its manufacturer says. The company says that it saw the need for a copper and fiber enclosure that mounts overhead based on comments from its customers about overloaded racks with few options to expand their networking capabilities.

"Many of our customers have limited data center space and are eagerly looking to cabling manufacturers for innovative solutions to help deal with it," said Peter E. Belyea, president of CXtec, of which CABLExpress is a division. He added that the Ladder Rack Enclosure is one of several CXtec products that have been developed based on customer feedback. "The Ladder Rack Enclosure fits nicely into our Skinny-Trunk Solution, which is designed to save space, decrease dB loss and provide a gateway to 40/100 gig speeds," Belyea also said.

The enclosure can hold both copper and fiber cabling. When fully populated, it can hold up to 192 LC duplex ports or 96 copper ports, or a combination of the two. CABLExpress says the enclosure enables users to stay in compliance with TIA-942 standards, while increasing manageability, keeping dB loss to a minimum and freeing up rack space.

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