Patented system for RFID monitoring of fiber-optic line connectors, adapters heads to auction

New patent IP portfolio targets providers of fiber-optic telecommunications equipment.

Intellectual property (IP) brokerage firm ICAP Patent Brokerage will be offering for auction a patented technology system from Laor Herzel and Josef Berger designed to enable more efficient monitoring of connections between fiber-optic line connectors and adapters via RFID tag and receiver technology.

The patent's background is as follows: Connections and disconnections of optical fibers to and from panels are typically made manually by a technician. This task requires significant effort to trace individual fibers through a maze-like collection of other fibers, or to identify the proper adapter to which a particular fiber end should be connected or disconnected. The technology portfolio offered at auction discloses techniques for monitoring a connection between a fiber optics communications line connector and an adapter. The fiber connector includes a RFID tag and the adapter includes RFID receiver.

Each RFID tag sends unique identification code to the corresponding RFID receiver/adapter. The code is then transmitted to a controller for recording which specific connector is plugged into the adapter. By collecting information from many adapters, the controller generates a network mapping that is automatically updated when network changes are made. Thus a map of multiple networks' connectivity could be generated on centralized server. When the network should be reconfigured, the controller blinks a LED at the adapter where each connector should be plugged. An error-less reconfiguration can then be achieved. According to the patent, the disclosed technique can be useful in monitoring optical fibers such as those in basic fiber optic connectors, that are generally not adapted to directly transmit identification or status information to a network controller.

In terms of market potential, the IP portfolio is aimed at companies providing telecommunication services and equipment, in particular those that provide fiber optics systems. Companies cited in a press release include Hewlett-Packard Development Company, Panduit Corporation, Corning Cable Systems and Fitel USA Corporation.

The patent portfolio will be included as a lot in the 15th ICAP Ocean Tomo IP Auction on March 29, 2012 at Terranea Resort near Los Angeles, California. To learn more about the assets available for license in this IP portfolio, contact Paul Greco of ICAP Patent Brokerage at 212-815-6692 or

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