Leviton launches lockable secure keyed LC fiber system

The lockable system works with any industry compliant LC duplex or quad adapter.

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Bothell, WA -- Leviton has launched its Secure Keyed LC Fiber System. The secure system is designed to prevent unauthorized and inadvertent changes in highly sensitive government applications such as data centers, telecommunications rooms, workstation areas, and secure IT networks.

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The U.S.-made system, which includes patch cords, trunk cables, harness cables, port protection plugs, extraction tools, and QuickPort fiber adapters, creates an ideal “lock-in” solution. Once connected to a port, the patent-pending locking design -- built into the body of each duplex LC connector -- prevents removal by hand, and the connector can only be removed with a keyed color extraction tool. Eight unique keyed colors are available to segregate and identify networks.

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The system also features “lock-out” capabilities, as port protection plugs lock and protect unused LC ports from the unauthorized insertion of a cable assembly or connector. Only those operators with an authorized extraction tool can open a port. In addition, custom dust caps protect connectors upon removal from a port.

“The Secure Keyed LC System offers a level of security beyond traditional standard keyed solutions,” said Dennis Manes, senior applications engineer for Leviton Network Solutions. “On top of that, the system is compatible with any industry standard LC adapters, so those with existing LC networks can easily and affordably retrofit their system without having to rebuild their system.”

The Secure Keyed LC System is available through the company’s reseller network. For more information, visit leviton.com/SecureLC.

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