Fault Managed Power System Electrifies 1-Million-Lumen LED Lighting Showcase

June 21, 2024
Panduit’s Fault Managed Power System, combined with technology from Luum.io, Sinclair Digital, and Zumtobel Lighting, powered the showcase at Realcomm.
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At the Realcomm conference and exhibition, held June 20-21, Panduit’s Fault Managed Power System (FMPS) delivered power to a 1-million lumen LED lighting showcase. Realcomm focuses on automated business solutions and state-of-the-art enterprise technologies for the commercial and corporate real estate industry. It is colocated with IBcon, an event focused on intelligent buildings.

Panduit’s FMPS is a Class 4 system that complies with UL 1400-1, Outline of Investigation for Fault-Managed Power Systems. Panduit points out that compliance with the standard ensures “a safer, more reliable, sustainable, and easy-to-install power delivery system.”

Panduit partnered with Luum.io, Sinclair Digital, and Zumtobel Lighting to provide the first public display of FMPS and X-PoE for the 1M Lumen LED showcase in Realcomm’s keynote area. After the keynote was completed and throughout the remainder of the event, the display was part of the Low Voltage Lab, which allowed hands-on participant engagement.

Like Power over Ethernet, Sinclair Digital’s X-PoE system “delivers DC power over twisted-pair Ethernet cables,” the company explains. “However, it eliminates the limitations of PoE by removing th eneed for any PoE device driver and associated electronics and standby power. Switches that use X-PoE technology are much simpler and more cost-effective than enterprise-class PoE switches. They do not have an integrated power supply unit by receive DC power from any external 48V to 57V DC power supply, enabling higher power per port than PoE.”

Realcomm Conference Group founder and chief executive officer Jim Young commented at the event, “I believe that history is made today. Never before has there been a public display of a power architecture of this magnitude that can demonstrate a sustainable future.”

Panduit’s director of strategic growth David Weksel added, “It’s a pleasure to participate in this showcase and to partner with such innovative companies. We developed our Fault Managed Power System for lighting and many other applications so customers can benefit from the economic, safety, and sustainability features of using the world’s only system that complies with UL 1400.”

“We are thrilled to be part of the 1M Lumen LED lighting showcase at Realcomm,” said Luis Suau, Sinclair Digital’s chief business officer. “This is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the power and simplicity of the combination of fault managed power and X-PoE that comprise our AGILE-CORE products and showcases our commitment to sustainable and intelligent building solutions.”

Luum.io’s chief strategy officer Karl Jonsson observed, “X-PoE technology is breaking the barriers of entry for PoE and low voltage lighting. By eliminating a significant amount of embodied and operational carbon, we are paving the way for a brighter future with less e-waste and more-efficient system.”

Zumbotel Lighting’s Americas chief executive officer Rolland Mok concluded, “We are pleased to support and partner with such innovative firms that are pushing the boundaries of digital technology. When working on the lighting of tomorrow, we are driven by our innovative DNA continuously improving the aesthetics of light for our customers.”

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