Yes, PoE to the desk. Really.

March 26, 2018
Author fires back at letter-writer who doubts the practicality of Power over Ethernet-enabled desktop computers.

In response to the letter by Jim Hayes, president of The Fiber Optic Association (“PoE to the desktop? Really” December 2017), I think Mr. Hayes has decided that, since he is not the target market for PoE computers, there is no future for them. The indisputable fact is that computers are getting more efficient with better processors, fanless systems and solid state drives—all of which consume less energy than computers from even two years ago. Desktops are the device of choice for multiple industries—back offices, healthcare, financial services, point-of-sale systems, travel and transportation, business process outsourcing, contact centers—and the list goes on. In addition, emerging 4K or “retina” screen technology can now be powered along with a quad-core processor usingPoE.

The bottom line is that Type 3 and Type 4 PoE will bring massive advantages to buildings of the future with 100W power availability, potentially reducing electrical wiring significantly and lowering both installation and operation costs. Speaking of cost, until the cost of optical fiber transceivers in end-user equipment comes down to that of copper interfaces (or power delivery over fiber is developed!), optical fiber devices at the desktop will continue to be the exception, not therule.


General manager, EMEA, Thinlabs Ltd.

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