Guide details structured cabling for healthcare facilities

Articles discuss TIA-1179 as well as best practices for healthcare system design and installation.

A collection of articles available as a single document focuses on the requirements and technologies related to the design and installation of structured cabling systems for healthcare facilities. The introduction to the guide explains: "Cultural, regulatory and technological forces have made healthcare a leading-edge industry with respect to information technology systems. From HIPPA and electronic health records to the HITECH Act and high-resolution file transfer, IT systems in healthcare facilities are being pushed to their limits." It then says that the guide "discusses the standards, technologies and best practices for building structured cabling systems that fully support healthcare-IT functions in hospitals, medical offices and data centers."

One of the articles in the guide details the requirements of the TIA-1179 Healthcare Infrastructure Standard and also provides some practical in-the-field recommendations for complying with the standard. Another, case-study style article details the structured cabling system built to support the new 1.6-million-square-foot Johns Hopkins hospital as well as the other healthcare-services buildings within the complex located in Baltimore, MD. Another article examines the reasons why the market for healthcare cabling systems is growing and likens them to the forces that have driven the data center market's growth in recent years.

The guide is available for free download to anyone who submits their contact information. You can download the guide here.

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