Tyco Electronics completes ADC acquisition

Combined company promises to focus on customers throughout integration period.

Tyco Electronics, soon to be known as TE Connectivity, completed its acquisition of ADC earlier in December. ADC is now a wholly owned subsidiary of TE. A quick visit to ADC's web site leaves no doubt.

Videos of some TE employees that appear on the site stress the efforts the company is making to seamlessly integrate the ADC organization into TE. In one clip a customer service professional identified as Mike says, "As the two companies come together one thing that's not going to change is our absolute commitment to the customer and to service." Another employee, identified as Jon and a marketing professional, says, "The fact of the matter is some customers don't care that these two companies are coming together. And for those customers, that's fine. We want to continue supplying the products and services that they've grown to expect from us and keep doing those in a way that maybe even gets better. We want this integration to be invisible to them. We're saying inside here, 'Customers first, integration second.'"

Other video clips and more information about the combined organization is available at www.adc.com.

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