37 products certified in Ethernet Alliance’s PoE Certification program

Jan. 18, 2018
The 37 products from 7 companies include midspan PoE sources, power sourcing equipment switches, and component-level boards.

The Ethernet Alliance recently announced that 37 products have been certified through the alliance’s Power over Ethernet Certification Program. “Products from multiple Ethernet industry leaders were tested at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory [UNH-IOL] in Durham, NH,” the alliance said. “Newly certified products range from component-level evaluation boards, to power sourcing equipment [PSE] enterprise switches, to midspan PoE power sources.”

The 37 certified products are from the following companies.

  • Analog Devices Inc.
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
  • Microsemi Corporation
  • Philips Lighting NV
  • Sifos Technologies Inc.
  • Texas Instruments

Tam Dell’Oro, founder and chief executive officer of research and analyst firm Dell’Oro Group, observed, “Multivendor interoperability is Ethernet’s hallmark and an important consideration. Consumers want to know their products will just work, while industry players need a way to find new partnership opportunities with companies offering certified equipment. The global Ethernet PoE switch market is surging, with 750 million PoE-enabled switches and hundreds of millions of devices expected to be delivered over the next five years. With participants representing some 60 percent of PoE-enabled switch ports shipped worldwide, this program is a boon to both end users and the Ethernet ecosystem. Consumers can buy PoE solutions with greater confidence in their multivendor interoperability, and industry stakeholders have a valuable new avenue for forging critical business relationships.”

The Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification Program offers “a simple visual cue for identifying products certified to program requirements,” the Ethernet Alliance explained. “The easy-to-read logo clearly illustrates which type of PSE and powered devices (PD) will work together, maintaining the robust interoperability and dependable performance Ethernet is known for. Open to both the organization’s members and the industry, the certification of its first 37 products shows the program is gaining acceptance among end users and the Ethernet ecosystem.”

Organizations seeking information on participating in the PoE Certification Program can find info here.

Consumers seeking details of certified PoE products can visit the public registry here.

The video below shows Ethernet Alliance chair John D’Ambrosia at the UNH-IOL when the inaugural PoE Certification testing was taking place.

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