Eaton's molded case circuit breakers incorporate IoT connectivity, intelligence

May 31, 2019
Eaton says its Power Defense molded case circuit breakers enable "game-changing intelligence" within essential power system components.
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Power management specialist Eaton has unveiled its latest innovation in circuit protection technology with the release of its Power Defense molded case circuit breakers. Eaton says this new globally certified molded case circuit breaker provides in-depth system visibility and predictive diagnostics in a foundational electrical system component.

Per the manufacturer, "The Power Defense circuit breakers generate real-time, data-driven insights that can improve system reliability and cost savings, and optimize operational efficiency for global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), commercial construction and data center applications.

The product's press release adds, "Traditional thermal magnetic breakers are designed to protect people and equipment from overcurrent or electrical overloads, but do not provide data on what originally caused the event or where it occurred. By adding connectivity and intelligence to circuit protection, Eaton created an integrated, automated solution that provides both industry-leading circuit protection and the ability to generate actionable breaker and power management data. Now, in the event of a fault, Eaton Power Defense circuit breakers provide visibility into where and why a fault occurred, making it easier and faster to restore power." 

Via the proprietary Power Xpert Release electronic trip units, Eaton notes its Power Defense circuit breakers provide off-the-shelf communications, energy metering and sophisticated algorithms that deliver critical data about the power distribution system and energy usage. The trip units monitor and report current, voltage and real power consumed, while also providing data to generate waveforms and visually analyze safety and power availability. 

“The Power Defense circuit breakers bring extensive predictive capabilities that enhance the safety and reliability of any power management system," commented Jimmy Yam, vice president of sales for Eaton’s Electrical Sector in East Asia. "Now, customers can adopt a proactive maintenance approach that ensures resources are better allocated, and downtime is minimized.” 

Eaton claims that by 2040, Asia-Pacific will account for over 40 percent of the world's cumulative energy investments. "As Southeast Asia undergoes urbanization, it will need to add 354 gigawatts of extra capacity for power generation within the same time frame," adds the company. "With the building and construction sector being one of the biggest energy consumers in ASEAN, the region is developing a Green Building Code to drive sustainable building practices. Anticipating the rising demand for better energy efficiency and levels of sustainability, Eaton offers the Power Defense circuit case breakers as part of its range of power management solutions to address these needs." 

Importantly, the Power Defense technology incorporates Eaton’s ArcFlash Reduction Maintenance system and Zone Selective Interlock (ZSI) technology to advance safety. Eaton says its ArcFlash Reduction Maintenance technology is designed to reduce dangerous incident energy levels, and can be activated remotely by personnel, while ZSI helps protect equipment by intelligently selecting faster trip times. The Power Defense circuit breakers also enable personnel to perform ZSI system testing with visual status indication to improve productivity. 

Eaton notes that the globally accredited Power Defense platform meets a variety of industry standards, including applicable UL, International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC), China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA). 

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