Attempts were made: Must-see photos

July 1, 2019
But as the little green guy in the movie once said, "There is no try."

Welcome to our latest roundup of the most perplexing ICT cabling photos, as seen posted to Reddit's 'Cablefail' social media group.

Seasoned ICT pros in the field see on a daily basis how, with varying degrees of success, 'attempts were made' by previous operators to achieve at-least adequacy of IT infrastructure. But as the little green guy in the movie once said, "There is no try."

Not sure how true that is -- but whatever. Let's begin this week's photos with a peek through the cabling wayback machine at a slapdash little mess from the IP/PBX world of yesteryear...(time traveling, but via the internet...kind of like something in a movie...)

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