Attempts were made: Must-see photos

But as the little green guy in the movie once said, "There is no try."

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Welcome to our latest roundup of the most perplexing ICT cabling photos, as seen posted to Reddit's 'Cablefail' social media group.

Seasoned ICT pros in the field see on a daily basis how, with varying degrees of success, 'attempts were made' by previous operators to achieve at-least adequacy of IT infrastructure. But as the little green guy in the movie once said, "There is no try."

Not sure how true that is -- but whatever. Let's begin this week's photos with a peek through the cabling wayback machine at a slapdash little mess from the IP/PBX world of yesteryear...(time traveling, but via the internet...kind of like something in a movie...)


"The foam block holding up the network switches was there for cooling. #anattemptwasmade" -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]:  IDGAFMFROFL


"Good thing someone installed cable management." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]:  IDGAFMFROFL

Attempt3Reddit"Wire management? Who needs it!" -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]:  NotYoCheezIts

Attempt4Reddit"This is the back of the coms cabinets in the office that I do the support for." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]:  webewarren22

Attempt5Reddit"I don't know why my computer is running slow." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]:  ruger336

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