Rosenberger unveils data center, fiber-optic innovations

Sept. 24, 2019
At the 2019 BICSI Fall show, Rosenberger introduced its Lyra Intelligent Micro Data Center for IoT edge and 5G MEC applications, as well as its FTH-9 Plus Wave ODF cabinet for Seismic Zone 4 “Ring of Fire”-sensitive data center installations.

At the 2019 BICSI Fall Conference, Rosenberger introduced its Lyra Intelligent Micro Data Center platform 'in a box’ for IoT edge and 5G MEC applications, as well as its FTH-9 Plus Wave ODF cabinet for Seismic Zone 4 “Ring of Fire”-sensitive data center installations.

Rosenberger addresses network expansion constraints for enterprise users and IoT/MEC roll-out challenges with the introduction of the LYRA Intelligent Micro Data Center (IMDC), billed as a self-contained ‘data center in a box’ solution. Providing power, cooling, UPS, cable management and cloud remote-monitoring, the company claims its Lyra IMDC can be installed in less than 3 hours with 40% space-savings versus traditional data center installations. Applications include small data centers, office areas and edge deployments. Providing a completely integrated network solution for small to medium-sized enterprise applications, the company notes Lyra has the advantages of quick installation and simple maintenance, helping customers quickly deploy a data center solution. The Lyra IMDC is based on a modular design, containing the following components: a power distribution box; a UPS or battery pack; precision air conditioning; a monitoring management system; a PDU, cabinet and sealed components.

Ideally suited to network architects who need to install rapidly deployable network resources or have real estate limitations, the Lyra IMDC footprint requires only 600x1200mm footprint, offering the IT user 27U of space and 24 power outlets for network equipment. Lyra can be installed in an existing office environment with <50dB noise and be redeployed when required. Lyra further offers a true ‘Mobile Edge Located’ data center solution, says the manufacturer, and is deployable alongside mobile operator RAN equipment. Rosenberger offers Lyra in two cooling/power capacity options for 3.5 or 6Kw applications. The platform has a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of <1.5 and can be scaled up to 8 units to work collectively. Lyra utilizes an internal ‘precision air conditioning’ system and is easily managed by an interactive LCD display on the front panel. Finally, Lyra has built in smoke detection and can use 3G/4G/Wireless connectivity options for monitoring backhaul. UPS time is optional up to 120 minutes.

Also at BICSI in Las Vegas, Rosenberger launched and demonstrated  its newly designed Zone 4 “Ring of Fire” seismic-sensitive optimized Optical Distribution Fiber (ODF) cabinet. The company says its ‘FTH-9 Plus Wave’ Optical Fiber Management Solution has been designed to meet the increased requirements of IEEE 693-2005, “IEEE Recommended Practice for Seismic Design of Substations” and engineered to meet the latest fiber management standards in data centers. The FTH-9 solution offers data center designers and installers confidence they are preparing for all eventualities.

Currently installed with South American customers, the ‘FTH-9 Plus Wave’ ODF cabinet has capacity for 1440 pairs / 2880 fiber count and up to 10 SR-9 PLUS Sub-racks with only a slim 300mm deep profile. Optical fiber installation is made easy with cable slack management included in the design, allowing for a single length optical patch cord to be used at 5.5m or 8m if two cabinets are installed back-to-back. Maintenance is optimized with a unique horizontal fiber management system allowing for access without disturbing live optical cables. The FTH-9 is delivered with optimized entry ports for optical fiber ducting and has removable, lockable doors for easier installation and maintenance, with various color options available.

Rosenberger displayed the FTH-9 cabinet with all its capabilities in the company's booth at the BICSI Fall Conference in Las Vegas, which took place September 30-October 2.

Rosenberger North America is headquartered at 309 Colonial Drive, Akron, PA, 17501 (Telephone: +1 717 859 8900 - and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG of Tittmoning, Germany.

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