CSD n+1 platform houses 96 duplex LC or MPO fiber ports per 1RU

Jan. 23, 2020
Connectivity Solutions Direct says its new n+1 series fiber-optic housings and cassettes break through the "data center density barrier."

Connectivity Solutions Direct LLC (CSD), a supplier of cable assemblies and network systems for enterprise markets, contends that it has broken new ground in the fiber-optic connectivity space with the release of its n+1 platform, a suite of housings and cassettes that enable patch-field density of 96 duplex LC or MPO ports per rack unit. This represents a 33 percent improvement in port density when compared with conventional high-density fiber solutions, claims the supplier.

The n+1 platform received US Patent number 10,514,518 for “Dense Optical Termination and Patching Platforms, Systems and Methods” on December 24, 2019 and is in field trials today. The platform is a modular solution that supports all popular deployments of 8-fiber, 12-fiber, 16-fiber, and 24-fiber MPO pre-terminated trunking, as well as splicing and field termination options. Available in 1RU, 2RU and 4RU housings, the n+1 platform’s modular design enables easy migration to and from duplex to parallel connectivity, even allowing both within a common housing if desired.

Two interchangeable cassettes serve as the building blocks for the CSD n+1 platform. The modular design provides flexibility and functionality without sacrificing density, notes CSD. 8- and 12-port cassettes can be deployed within the same n+1 housing, and even on the same internal tray, without any reduction in port density.

The cassettes feature interchangeable adapters and internal components allowing them to be configured for functions including conversion, patching, splicing, taps, splitters or fanouts. CSD’s n+1 platform features standards-based cabling and n+1 internal cassette polarity. The same cassette is used at both ends of the link; cassette or patch cord flipping is not required.

Today’s hyperscale data centers must handle more and more connections, but floor space is fixed, so higher-density connectivity solutions are required,” observes Kevin Twomey, president and CEO of CSD. “Our n+1 platform delivers 33 percent more connections per rack unit to address this pressing need.”

Learn more at CSD's website, https://www.csd-network.com/.

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