US Conec licenses MDC connector to CommScope

April 10, 2020
The MDC’s density is 3 times that of the LC, making it advantageous in high-density data center and carrier networks. The agreement between US Conec and CommScope is for the MDC and other very small form factor connectors.

CommScope and US Conec reached a licensing agreement that enables both parties to manufacture very small form factor (VSFF) fiber connectors, including the MDC connector. The MDC connector provides three times the density of the LC connector. “Manufactured with 1.25mm ferrule technology, it is designed to support even the most challenging applications such as high-density data center cabling infrastructure and 400G+ breakout transceiver designs,” the companies commented when jointly announcing the licensing agreement.

“For over two decades, duplex fiber-optic connectors supporting in-building networks data-center, and carrier-based applications have utilized SC or LC formats, with LC connectors providing double the number of connections as the SC connector in the same amount of space,” the companies further explained. “With the ever-increasing demand on data centers and carrier-based applications, emerging architectures require the higher connectivity densities offered by US Conec’s MDC connector.

“The MDC connector is the next step in connector technology, allowing data centers and carrier-based applications to prepare for the network demands of the future.”

Joe Graham, US Conec’s president, commented, “The MDC duplex connector ushers in a new era of dual-fiber connectivity by delivering unmatched density, simple insertion/extraction, field configurability and optimal carrier-grade performance. The collaborative effort between US Conec and CommScope opens the door to rapid high-volume deployments with leading-edge connector technology to ensure robust supply-chain demands are met.”

Jamie Birdnow, vice president of market development and advance core technologies at CommScope, added, “This new, high-density connector format and multisource agreement with US Conec will enable greater opportunity for innovation by providing a new platform for future connectivity solutions.”

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