Molex expands NearStack high-speed cable assembly line

Aug. 6, 2020
New NearStack 100 Ohm and 85 Ohm products address increased signal demands within telecommunications and data center organizations.

Molex has announced the expansion of its NearStack High-Speed Cable Solutions line to include the NearStack 100 Ohm and NearStack 85 Ohm cable assemblies. The extended product line helps telecommunications and data center companies in need of high-density interconnects for increasing bandwidth requirements to manage costs, reduce insertion loss and improve signal integrity.

Geared for applications requiring 100 Ohm impedance, the NearStack 100 Ohm cable assembly was designed as a small package, supports 56 Gbps PAM-4 modulation, and is compatible with the Molex BiPass I/O. The assembly utilizes 34 AWG twinax cable to create a high-speed jumper product in 8 differential pair and 16 differential pair sizes.

In addition to the NearStack 100 Ohm, Molex is also introducing its NearStack 85 Ohm assembly. Tuning the NearStack design to a normal impedance of 85 Ohms provides organizations with another high-speed solution to support applications requiring this impedance, such as PCIe based systems. The NearStack 85 Ohm solution uses 30 AWG twinax to enable longer reach. This NearStack connector is also compatible with Molex backplane cable assemblies.

Molex notes that high-speed, high-density applications are moving away from traditional board designs to allow for high-speed lower-cost alternatives. The company says its NearStack solutions optimize signal integrity channel performance with direct linkage, bypassing board traces and use of lower loss materials. Additionally, the NearStack line offers the potential to lower costs by removing re-timers and other active components from high-speed channels, and by reducing the numbers of high-speed layers that would need to be routed through expensive PCB materials, according to the company.

“As system requirements continue to expand, signal channels extend in length as well as become more challenging to accomplish - the solutions that exist in the standard PCB world can pose challenges to clear signal transmission and be cost prohibitive. To solve these challenges, Molex is excited to offer NearStack solutions,” comments Liz Hardin, group product manager. “With the addition of the NearStack 85 Ohm solution to the NearStack portfolio, we look forward to meeting additional next-generation system challenges.”

Learn more about the NearStack High-Speed Cable Assembly Solutions line from Molex.

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