Electri-Flex offers flexible electrical conduit for data center installations

Aug. 13, 2020
Electri-Flex manufactures a variety of both jacketed and unjacketed flexible conduits billed as ideally suited for the full range of data center wiring applications.

Electri-Flex Company (Roselle, IL) manufactures flexible electrical conduits designed for data center installations. The company emphasizes that its Liquatite brand conduit provides a high-quality data center wiring protection solution that offers: physical protection to wires and cables; conduit colors that identify critical circuitry; UL listed and CSA certified varieties; halogen-free, low fire hazard solution types; and especially the company's Power Distribution Assembly Whips, ideally used for fast and easy on-site installations.

Per a recent Electri-Flex press statement (4/21): 

[Our] data center wiring solutions can help with safety, fast installations, circuitry identification and provide long-lasting quality products. Materials that address safety concerns continue to increase in use and flexible conduit types which address these concerns are those with a polyurethane jacketing.
This jacketing type is halogen-free and reduces the risk of potential toxic smoke and fire spread in the event of a fire. They are a low fire-hazard solution with self-extinguishing characteristics and provide increased safety to any enclosed space.  
Another solution includes colored conduits that are used to help identify wiring. Common colors used in data centers include gray, computer blue, green, red, orange, yellow, plus many more. (Note: Prefabrication methods are always increasing due to labor shortages or to increase efficiency and speed in installations).  
[Our] Power Distributor Assembly whips are fully customizable with conductors, conduit types, tail lengths and more.  

As further stated by Electri-Flex, "Data center wiring can be installed in overhead distribution systems or from under a raised floor in ladder racks. Flexible electrical conduit is used in either application and protects important wiring from dust and debris, as well as help in identifying wiring through the use of colored conduit jackets."

Electri-Flex manufactures a variety of both jacketed and unjacketed flexible conduits that are ideally suited for these applications: 

-Type CBLA is the most commonly used type of jacketed flexible conduit. It is easily identifiable with its computer blue jacketing color, is both UL listed and CSA certified, made with a hot-dipped galvanized steel core, and has a flexible PVC jacketing.
- Type LA is also UL listed and CSA certified and comes in a variety of colors, such as gray, red, blue, green, yellow, orange and many more. It is also made with a hot-dipped galvanized steel core and PVC jacketing.
-Type ZHLA is a Zero-Halogen, or Halogen-Free, low fire hazard solution and ideally suited for enclosed installations. The core is made of a hot-dipped galvanized steel but the jacketing is a flexible, zero-halogen polyurethane. It omits low amounts of non-toxic smoke, has a low flame spread, and is self-extinguishing.
-Types BR and ABR are unjacketed varieties that are UL listed and CSA certified with many universal wiring applications. Type BR is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel and ABR is made of a high-strength aluminum alloy, weighing 1/3 of the weight of BR.

The company especially notes that its Power Distribution Assembly Whips provide high quality, UL listed components that are available in a variety of colors, jacketing options and components. They can be customized to any specification. Connector types include NEMA Locking, Russellstoll, and IEC Pin and Sleeve. Whips can be made from Types CBLA, LA, ZHLA, BR, ABR, and more, as well as with different jacketing colors. The whips are 100% inspected and pretested before shipment and offer custom tail lengths to any specification.  

Download the latest technical article featuring Electri-Flex conduit solutions for data center installations, as well as the supporting sales sheet at https://www.electriflex.com/resource-library/.

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