Amphenol Network Solutions unveils FlexTrax cable management system

Oct. 16, 2020
Amphenol Network Solutions unveils its FlexTrax cable management system, which the company says "virtually eliminates the possibility of pinching, bending, or otherwise damaging fiber during and after installation."

Amphenol Network Solutions has released its FlexTrax system, a unique vertical cable management product the manufacturer says is specifically engineered to address the challenge of safely and protectively routing fiber-optic cable from an overhead trough to equipment cabinets and racks in data centers, telecom, and other applications.

As noted by the company:

Traditional cable routing from trough to racks—typically one of the more common locations for damage to fiber optic cable—includes slotted duct and split tubing. Both of these options create installation challenges and increase the likelihood for fiber damage. With split tubing, initial setup can be cumbersome, with the potential for pinching fiber when inserting and enclosing cables inside the tube. More costly slotted duct features snap-on covers that create installation difficulties and often remain loose.
With the FlexTrax system, users simply route fiber inside the fully adjustable FlexTrax path, then close the attached gates for secure protection. Per Amphenol, "The product's straightforward design virtually eliminates the possibility of pinching, bending, or otherwise damaging fiber during and after installation." 

“In addition to less effective components, a typical installation also requires adapters to combine slotted duct and flexible tube,” notes Bert Powel, product manager for Amphenol Network Solutions. “FlexTrax eliminates the complexity and cost of this approach, and provides a more secure, protective path for fiber that’s significantly easier and safer to install.”

Featuring a flexible, customizable construction, the FlexTrax system connects simply to an overhead trough, such as Amphenol Network Systems WaveTrax, using standard mounting brackets, creating an easy-to-install, safe path for fiber. The FlexTrax system is made of lightweight, durable materials for long-term reliability, and enables simple cable exit to network equipment via multiple locations.

Compatible with all standard trough systems and equipment racks/cabinets and sold by the foot, customers need only purchase the amount of FlexTrax their application requires.

The product is available today from Amphenol Network Solutions. Visit to learn more. 

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