AFL, Senko enter licensing agreement for SN connector

Oct. 23, 2020
Under the technology transfer and patent license agreement, AFL will begin manufacturing SN connectors and adapters.

AFL and Senko Advanced Components recently signed the SN Technology Transfer and Patent License Agreement for SN Connectors and Adapters. With the agreement, AFL will begin manufacturing of SN connectors and adapters while the intermateability standard is under development in IEC as IEC 61754-36 Type SAC Connector. The SN interface has been adopted in transceiver specifications of QSFP-DD and OSFP MSAs. These transceivers are the new specifications for the next generation of pluggable transceivers for 200-, 400-, and 800-Gbit/sec data center interconnects (DCI).

The SN connector is a new duplex optical connector that uses LC-style 1.25-mm zirconia ferrules. The connector is designed for hyperscale, edge, enterprise or colocation DCI. “The SN connector provides superior optical performance while reducing the typical number of connection points in the optical path,” the two companies said jointly when announcing their agreement. “The SN connector was designed to provide individual and independent duplex fiber breakout at a quad-style transceiver (QSFP, QSFP-DD and OSFP) that is more efficient, reliable, and scalable than the MPO connector. The SFP-DD has also adopted the SN as their independent duo-style interface, mainly for the wireless fronthaul application.”

AFL and Senko also explained that beyond transceiver interfaces, SN increases and improves the fiber density and capacity for the existing fiber-optic cassettes and patch panels. Compared to the LC connector, SN provides 3 times higher density. This density further supports the implementation of more fibers without adding new rack units, which can be used at multiple applications, not only DCI, but in telecom, wireless, and MSO as well.

Robert Dennelly, director of engineering and product management at AFL, commented, “We are excited about our licensing agreement with Senko on the SN connector, which will provide our hyperscale customers with a new connector form, fit, and function to enable data transmissions of 400G and beyond. With the new SN connector, hyperscale customers will be able to easily link individual duplex fiber connectors into QSFP-DD and OSFP transceivers, providing high-density, efficient installation and cost-effective deployment.”

Jim Hasegawa, executive vice president of Senko, added, “AFL is one of the most successful companies in the telecommunications and data communications market, and we are very excited with our partnership. We foresee the SN interface to be synonymous with high-speed DCI and wireless fronthaul connectivity, especially with the standardization effort of the SN and the IEC.”

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