Viavi's PCIe 5.0 analyzer/exerciser spurs 400G, hyperscale DC development

Dec. 2, 2020
Broadcom announced it has selected Viavi Solutions as a key supplier for the company's new PCIe Gen 5.0 Analyzer/ Exerciser/ Jammer products.

Viavi Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV) has introduced its Xgig Protocol Exerciser for the company's 5P16 Platform for protocol traffic validation and performance evaluation.

Together with the company's recently introduced Xgig 5P16 Analyzer — billed as the first 16-lane protocol analysis system for PCIe 5.0 — Viavi says the new Xgig Protocol Exerciser enables powerful real-time emulation, manipulation and analysis of PCIe 5.0 data traffic at all layers of the stack.

Broadcom concurrently announced it has selected Viavi Solutions as a key supplier for the PCIe Gen 5.0 Analyzer/ Exerciser/ Jammer products. 

"Component and equipment manufacturers are in a race to develop robust technologies that can reliably handle emerging compute-intensive applications, from 400 Gigabit Ethernet and hyperscale networks to artificial intelligence," observes Tom Fawcett, Vice President and General Manager, Lab and Production Business Unit, Viavi, who adds, "The flexibility and performance of the Xgig Protocol Exerciser helps leading-edge manufacturers like Broadcom lead in that race by enabling validation of complex test cases that were not previously possible." 

As explained Viavi's statement announcing the new product: 

The Viavi Xgig Protocol Exerciser enables in-depth protocol evaluation and debugging at 32Gbps per lane, as well as testing for PCIe compliance, allowing development of network technologies to meet the demands of tomorrow's high-speed, high-performance computing applications.
The Xgig Exerciser Solution includes a system chassis, test stand interposer for device under test (DUT) connectivity, and the exerciser license key.
With a modular architecture and an implementation tightly coupled to a full-featured analysis system, the Xgig Protocol Exerciser reduces the need for extra hardware investments, while a familiar Xgig management interface helps limit training needs, minimizing overall design and development costs. 

"We performed a careful review in the marketplace and determined that the Viavi Xgig 5P16 family matches our requirements for development and validation of our industry-leading PCIe Gen 5.0 products," says Dan Roehrich, Vice President of IC Development, Data Center Solutions Group, Broadcom. "We believe Viavi's ability to simultaneously inject errors and capture the data stream of 16 lanes, each running at 32Gbps, is unique in enabling detailed protocol and performance evaluation, at all layers of the PCIe stack. Thus, allowing Broadcom to bring to market a robust and thoroughly tested solution." 

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